Dec 29, 2010

{ i.give.up}

So I totally give up on trying to record when Reagan is kicking.
I swear I let her kick for a little bit then grab my phone to record it and she stops. 
Or I try to tell Jason so he can see and feel and she stops. 
Its kinda neat that it is something still between her and I but I want to show people.
Oh well I know soon when I am bigger everyone will be able to see it.

Christmas this year was so amazing.
I got so many things for Reagan and I am so excited.
I made a list of the basic needs we still need to get
ie; diapers, receiving blankets, pacifiers, wash cloths, towels, socks, beanies.
but I still got time but I am already in my nesting mode.
I want order for the baby and its hard when I havent even had my baby shower yet lol
The food was so good on Christmas and it was just so nice to be with family.

This week has really flown by.
I cant believe its almost January 2011!!
2010 was a bittersweet year for me.
The beginning of this year was very hard for me but it ended very well.
I cant wait for 2011 I have a feeling it will be very good to me, and that means Reagan will be here too.

Well I dont have too much of an update. 
So I will leave you with a few pictures I took of the belly today lol.
I still look little, but its a better picture(s).

The shirt is really red NOT orange lol

Me not paying attention.

Hope you all have a great night!

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