Dec 29, 2010


So this pregnancy has left me a tad confused.
If a woman is pregnant for 40 weeks that means shes pregnant for 10 months.
I understand that.
The babe is always measuring on time when I get ultrasounds,
which is 23 weeks pregnant which the Dr's say I am due April 27, 2011.
Well if I am 23 weeks along that means I only have 17 weeks left till I hit 40 weeks,
but that doesn't count out to be 4/27, it is actually 4/19. 
So now I am all confused on how many weeks I am and everything. 

Can any momma's or soon to be momma's explain?



Mandy said...

Yeah, I am confused, too. My OB tells me my pregnancy week changes every Tuesday... But that would put my due date at March 8, and supposedly I am due March 10. I am just going with the 8th to make myself feel better! Haha..

And what the heck.... Why did people tell us our whole lives that pregnancy is 9 months?! Haha!

Nikki @ Single Life Of A Mommy said...

I totally agree I dont get it either! My aunt who already has kids was shocked to find out they count to 40 weeks lol.

At least yours is just a few days away from each other, mines like a whole week difference. I am so asking at my next appt.