Dec 8, 2010


the head line of this blog really sums up how i have been feeling.
i swear i cant make up my mind on anything.
it doesn't make sense i have never been like that before. 
i guess it is the hormones taking over.

i am officially twenty weeks pregnant 
half way done woohoo!!
i have picked out my crib bedding and i cant wait.
my baby shower is going to be Dr. Seuss themed too.
i want to buy a billion things for Reagan 
but i am trying not to go overboard. 
especially with being so close to Christmas. 

Here is what I have gotten Reagan so far:

well I am off to watch storage wars.
hope you all have a great night.


Overthinking Mama said...

my fav book is one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish by dr. suess...

cute things for the baby... i miss that anticipation of pregnancy!

Nikki @ Single Life Of A Mommy said...

I LOVE that book too, but they didnt have it where I was. I am ready for the anticipation to be over lol

Moo's Mamma said...

Omygoodness... that outfit is sooo stinkin cute : )

Nikki @ Single Life Of A Mommy said...

I know I love that outfit!!! Only 4$ at Kohls :)