Jan 5, 2011

new layout for the new year

Okay I am so over my header and page.
I want a fresh new look but I dont even know how to make one.
I want buttons and I want my blog to look nice.
Does anyone know of anyone who does them,
or do you know how to do it and can tell me?

Where am i?

I see all these blogs and they look so cute and mine feels blah
I would love to use one of my photos as my header if possible
Just don't know how to do it.
I have researched and researched but every time I do it, it never turns out.

Anywho, I think today I am going to take photos.
I am trying to think of a good area just for natural pictures.
I was thinking a park but it is starting to look overcast.

And I think I have decided that with my photos I am going to make cards out of them.
Like my scenario photos. Maybe even magnets.
I think it is a great way to really show my work and other people can enjoy it also.

in this amazing, crazy world.

Well besides that I really don't have anything else going on.
I forgot to do my belly update yesterday so I will do it today.
I had Lamaze class last night and went straight to bed when I got home.
I think I am going to do yoga tonight also, I have been putting it off for no reason.
I am just nervous to do the class by myself, which is silly.

So keep your eye out, I have a few posts coming later tonight! :)

i wish that some how i could see me the way you do.

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JoAnn said...

Love your ideas -- have you thought of business cards with one of your pics as the background? Vista Print is a good place to start for everything -- Love you lots and lots