Jan 26, 2011

third trimester

Beautiful Weather!
So I am finally here!
I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
This pregnancy has been a roller coaster for me.
I feel horrible saying I cant wait for it to be over but then there is a part 
of me that wishes she could stay inside of me forever.
Its safe in there, there's no boys haha and I know where she is at, at all the times.
But I cant wait to meet her, see what she looks like and hold her.
Amazingly a part of me is going to miss her little kicks that I feel when she wakes up everyday. And when shes getting ready for bed.

So I am officially twenty seven weeks, which is officially
the first day of my last trimester.
I have thirteen more weeks till I get to meet my beautiful babygirl.
Thirteen weeks feels forever away but I know it will be here before I know it.
I just cant wait to see how much she is like me once she is here. 
I created this little person and I am so beyond excited to meet her!

And I have officially started gaining baby weight! 
Pre-Pregnancy: 135lbs 
27 Weeks: 140lbs
This is a huge milestone for me! :)

27 weeks

Happy Wednesday Everyone <3

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