Jan 25, 2011

This week is going to be a very tough week for myself and my family.
My Grandad Dee is dieing from cancer. It is so sad to see him go.
I am more emotional with being pregnant and I dont want my babygirl to feel sadness because I am.
I am there for my Grandad in his last few days and being with family is making it a lot easier.
It was especially hard when my Nana broke down crying yesterday.
I have never seen her cry before. It was horrible, my heart still aches from the pain of her tears.
So please keep myself and my family in your hearts and prayers this week.

Grandad Dee Racing

On a better note I am in my third trimester!
I am back to feeling really tired and I dont have energy anymore.
I really liked having energy ;)
I am feeling more comfortable about giving birth and going into labor.
I have stressed to my midwife the kind of birth I want and she is totally on board.
I am going to write my birth plan today because she wants a copy.
And I am going to start seeing other midwives in the practice so if mine 
is not available at the time of birth then they know exactly what I want also.
I really feel like I can do this naturally and labor at home for as long as possible.
I am so happy with my decision on having a natural birth. Hopefully with my next child it can be an at home birth :)

So my family and I are obsessed with this application called WordFeud!
We play against each other all day and it was so much fun.
Its like scrabble and I keep in touch with my loved ones.
I fell asleep playing it last night.... oopps lol

The weather here has been amazing.
In the low to high seventy's all week and last week.
I have been defiantly been outside taking advantage of it.
I took Jack for a walk yesterday and plan on one today again today.
I think walking will help with labor and get me in shape. I get so winded now which is not so good lol.

I have decided I want to start eating healthier and everything.
I was eating really well before but now I havent been so good.
I have a bladder disease so I cant have much because it will irritate it.
So I have been looking for new recipes to put in my recipe box but nothing I have found that sound good.
I want natural, organic, healthy meals but that dont taste healthy.
Is that hard to come by? Does anybody know any good cook books??

My bladder disease

I would love to become vegan but I am not sure how to approach it or where to start.
Any advice is more then welcome! :)

Well I am off to start my day and start being healthier :)
Have a great Tuesday!

Jack and I on our walk yesterday


Sarah said...

I'm so sorry to hear your bad news. I just lost my grandpa last month and it's just so surreal because you've never known a life without them in it. My thoughts are with you:)
Wearing It On My Sleeves

Nikki @ Single Life Of A Mommy said...

I am sorry to hear about your loss also. And I totally agree, I have always known my life with him always there. It is a hard thing to wrap my head around. Thank you for the support.