Jan 10, 2011

Weekend Update

I feel like I am in a slump :( 
I dont feel depressed but I am stressing about doing everything on a one income family.
I feel bad for not working, this is the first time I have not ever worked.
I understand I am taking care of the house and baby in the oven but still.
I feel like I am not doing enough.
Things are a little bit tight right now but I know they will pick up in a few months.
I am just a worry wart and I freak about little things like this.
We are also getting into the hang of working with a budget and thats hard.
Its hard when you never really had to budget before.

The weekend flew by! I cant believe its already Monday again.
It was a good weekend. Yesterday all I wanted to do was sleep.
I think I am getting sick cause usually I am so active.
It was a pretty cold weekend for California. So we stayed in most of it.
We got a TON of baby things from our friend Jamie.
She just had a babygirl, Harlow and gave us everything she doesnt us anymore.
Which is basically all brand new :) It was like Christmas day for me all over again! 

This is just the clothes!
 She gave us this seat too which I was eyeing at babies r us!!


And she gave us a cute pink bathtub, socks, unused diapers, recieveing blankets.
I am truly blessed to have friends like this in our life!
We also got a dresser, toy chest and tv from Jason's family! 
We are going to be ready to move out in no time at all :)

Other then that the weekend was very laid back. 
I tried watching football with Jason but I just dont get it.
I was asking a million questions and poor guy his team lost (saints)
I am still trying to figure out what items I am going to make for my pay it forward.
I think I have an idea but I am not quite sure. But I am going to work on it today!

Hope you all had a great weekend :)

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