Jan 11, 2011

{ what.is.sexy}

I feel so un-sexy being pregnant. 
I was just browsing the internet and I miss being a girly girl.
Wearing heels and pencil skirts.
I barely do my makeup anymore and I always feel blah.
I am dieing to get another tattoo on top of it. 
Here are some pictures I found that make me want me pre-baby body back.
Do I sound crazy yet? lol

I wish I had her style

Love her style too!

Now this is just adorable!

There is this style I always wanted to achieve but never had the confidence to try.
Now that I cant fit into those clothes I am kicking myself in the ass for being such a wuss.
I love the old vintage look and pin up girl style.
I just never know how to achieve it. Where I dont look ridiculous.
I know your probably all saying to yourself  "be sexy in your own skin"
But for me its really hard with being pregnant.
I think pregnant ladies are adorable, and sometimes I feel adorable
But I just dont feel like myself all the time.
Its hard to explain.
I feel kinda selfish.

Well I am off to gaze at the clothes on forever21.com
Hope you all have a fabulous tuesday! :)


Overthinking Mama said...

You are not alone.. i felt the same way when i was prego. everyone else who was prego looked cute... i felt i just looked frumpy :-( i am sure you are beautiful prego... and in time you will be back to your normal self :-)

Nikki @ Single Life Of A Mommy said...

Im glad I am not alone on this. Thanks for the support really means a lot :)

Mrs.F said...

I know exactly how you are feeling! I felt the same way during a certain point in my pregnancy... I think it was around 34ish weeks when I started to get "pregnancy face" & I couldn't even fit into my maternity pants anymore LOL

Just keep thinking your body is changing for this amazing baby you are going to meet in a little bit. Your body will bounce back... I was back to my old size when Gianna turned 3 months & I'm sure you will too :)

Nikki @ Single Life Of A Mommy said...

Thanks Mrs. F! I know I am changing for an amazing reason thats why I feel horrible for even feeling this way. Thats awesome you bounced back so fast!