Feb 9, 2011

twenty nine ♥

So here we are again, with another week down. 
Apart of me is so over being pregnant then other days I love being pregnant.
I feel like a horrible person for being over pregnant, especially when I read about women who LOVE being pregnant.
I am only 11 weeks away from meeting my daughter.
I am still scared to go into labor but then again excited for it.
I hope all these feelings are normal. 

29 Weeks

She is still VERY high up if you couldn't tell in the picture. 
I forget how big I have gotten, and how high I am carrying.

Went to the Dr's yesterday and it was a very quick visit.
She is head down and measuring right on time.
Her heartbeat was very strong and my midwife is shocked to see how I am ALL baby.
Every single time she sees me she always tells me, "Man your all baby" and she repeats it a few times. I guess I am rare case?! LOL
I start going to the Dr's every 2 weeks now, which feels so weird! 
I don't feel like I am close to having her at all, I still feel like it is forever away.

All Baby! :)

Well I am off to finish homework then go to school.

Happy Wednesday ya'll! :)


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