Mar 10, 2011

beach day & thirty four weeks

Hello Ladies & Gents (if there are any Gents)! Today has been a fabulous Thursday! I woke up to the sun shining and the birds chirping. I decided I was going to take advantage of the heat we have been having in Southern California and headed to the beach! I dragged along my friend Jamie (who is 36 weeks pregnant) and we had a blast! We kept our summer dresses on but it was so beautiful. I love the beach and I love beach weather! I cant wait to take Reagan with me once she is here.

I love beach weather!

I also took my math final and got a 79% on it. I was stoked because Math is really my bad subject but it was surpisingly easier then I thought. I was a little bummed cause I was shooting for 116/150 at least, and I got 114/150. Just 2 points away would have landed me an overall "B" in the class. But hey you cant always get what you want haha. :)

It was bright out LOL

Yesterday was my bi-weekly doctor visit. I saw a different Midwife so I could familiarize myself with other ones just in case my midwife is unavailable the day I go into labor. She was really nice, let me ask tons of probably ridiculous questions and still answered them like I wasnt going to be a first time mom. It really felt good to be heard. Well the baby is measuring a week ahead! :) She is now 34 weeks instead of 33 weeks! Yay for skipping a week ahead. I know that doesnt necessarily mean I will go into labor a week early but hey cant a girl dream? They said since she has long legs it her probably being long thats why she is measuring a week ahead.

The funny thing though is the day before the appointment I had a pep talk with Reagan asking her please dont be late. I said "Mommy is never late and hates being late to things so I hope she gets those genes from me and isnt late also" And then the next day she is measuring a week ahead. I think she understood our pep talk! LOL

34 weeks! Before heading out to the beach. Still had bed hair LOL

Thank you ALL for all your kind words on my last post. I am doing a tad better but still feeling somewhat the same. I am trying to cope with things and how life is going to change (for the better) once she is here but I still cant help these thoughts creeping into my head. Hopefully it all goes away once I have her and everything. Thank you for the support it is really much appreciated :)

Well I am off to go spend time with my love. Yay for the weekend almost being here! Hope you all had a great  Thursday<3

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