Mar 1, 2011

Weekend Update

Good Morning! I cant believe it is already March! Where did the months go? I am super duper exited for March, because NEXT month I am having a baby :) It is so surreal to me and the nerves are finally gone. I am just ready and excited to becoming a mommy. 

So on the weekends I always forget to take pictures. It just never crosses my mind but during the week when I am bored I am always taking pictures. I am very weird one. ;) This weekend was a very good weekend. We started it off with sushi at our favorite sushi restaurant with some really great friends! It was soo much fun and I couldn't ask for better friends!

Me, Ashley & Baby - Leaving Sushi

On Saturday we went to my grandad's memorial service that was held at my aunts house. It was such a beautiful ceremony and it didnt rain at all! We had an 80% chance of rain and it was gorgeous outside the whole day. Cold but sunny :) I still cant believe he is gone, it doesn't seem real. 

Sunday I went to Church with my family. I really enjoyed it and felt like the pastor was speaking to me and it made so much sense! I got kinda emotional because everything he was saying I had been feeling and it was just a great service. I used to go to that church since I was a child, so going back and everyone remembering me was awesome. I want to raise my child with a strong faith like I was raised so I am going to start going back and once I have my baby take her along too. There is this book I am trying to get but cant find it, "Heart Songs" by Paula Hill. It is a devotional journal for women and she was a guest speaker on Sunday. Maybe the Christian bookstore will.


Lately I have been feeling very emotional towards things. I think I have been getting my feelings hurt and it probably is just the hormones. But it still sucks feeling like this. I just feel like with some people no matter how much I try to include them or reach out to them they don't recepicate that back to me. Instead they ignore me, shut me out and then be rude to me. They have their own problems and I understand that but please dont take it out on me, I am trying to be there for you. I just feel like they dont like me and no matter what I do or say they never will. It is a lose lose for me and I am trying to deal with that and be a positive person.

Well I better getting going and get ready for the day. I have homework and appointments to run off to. 

Have a great Tuesday!

p.s. I have realized that I go check out blogs and read everything then forget to comment! I am trying to work on that so please dont think I am not active cause I am :)


Kaitlin said...

I found your blog through, you commented on her newest entry. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm 23 and pregnant, too, due in June. ^_^

I'm sorry to hear about your grand-daddy, things like that would make even the most stone cold bad-ass be a little more sensitive for a while..

Nice meeting you! :)

Nikki @ Life Of A Single Mommy said...

Welcome! And thank you :) Congrats on your pregnancy too! How exciting! Do you know what your having?

Amber Zajicek said...

I have a feeling when Matt and I do end up getting pregnant we are going to have the fight like in knocked up. "F*ck you HORMONES" lol

Overthinking Mama said...

lol. i suck at leaving comments too... i have a few blogs that i will consistantly comment on... and other i always seem to forget! lol.