Feb 24, 2011

hypercondriac & thirty one weeks

Green Tea :)

Hello there! So I was feeling under the weather last week just thinking it was a nasty cold.
Then this week with all the weather changes I felt horrible again so I figured it was allergies.
Well yesterday it got really bad. I started to throw up, and get hot & cold flashes.
So I called my midwife's office, she was already gone for the day so I had to go to after care.
Come to find out I had a sinus infection, UTI and kidney infection!

I am usually sooo in tune with my body but with being pregnant I am so not.
I always feel like I am making it up in my head so I dont go right away and then it gets 
worse and it really is something serious lol.
I am glad I went in when I did.

Baby and I are doing good. I had to get an antibiotic shot in my butt for the kidney infection.
It still hurts and it hurt to put any pressure on my butt lol
It was a very awkward visit.

My gross nightstand.. lol
I am going through kleenex like it is going out of style!
Damn my nose wont stop draining, its like a freakin waterfall.
And my poor nose is so raw from blowing it so much. :(

Baby News!

So I am officially 31 weeks along. (yesterday) 
I cant believe I only have 9 more weeks till 40 weeks and only 5 more weeks till full term!
It is officially starting to sink in and reality is really starting to hit.
I dont know if I should start packing my hospital bag or wait a few more weeks.
I was feeling better but as you can see from above I wasnt truly better though.
She is VERY active at all times. I feel like she never sleeps in there.
I love feeling her move but she is in my ribs and sometimes it really hurts.

I dont know if she has "dropped" yet or when she will start dropping.
She is head down and has a very strong heartbeat.
She is a big trooper in there which makes me so happy!
I cant wait to see her beautiful face :)

When I walk for more then 20 mins I start to get contractions.
And the contractions make me nauseas but then again maybe that was the sickness.
Told my midwife and she said she wants me walking but if I keep getting contractions
I cant walk anymore. :(

I am so ready to have this baby! EEKK I cant believe it is so close but yet so far away.

31 weeks

Hope you all have a great Thursday! :)
It is homework and midterm time for me.

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