Apr 4, 2011





Sorry I have been MIA for almost 2 weeks.
Things have slow down here a lot and I quite honestly didnt enjoy blogging anymore.
I think I was going through a phase.
I have been feeling quite miserable lately.
I am in "early" labor, which means it could last all the way up to 40 weeks!
I get really bad back labor and it hurts :(
The baby and I are doing just fine! 
She is due in 3 weeks and it still hasnt hit me that I am going to be a mommy this month!!!

Everything is ready for her! I think I am nesting again because I want to re-do my whole room and clean everything!
Nothing seems to be in order the way I want it but secretly it is.
I think I lost some of my mucus plug too! I have heard about it and never thought it would happen to me.
But let me tell you, when you know you know! Its not  the prettiest sight to see. ;)

Here is what I have been up to!

1. Jay & I were remembering all of our childhood parks and stuff so we went to all of them! This here is Tewinkle park! It's so pretty :)

2. Jay at Tewinkle Park admiring the gorgeous landscaping

3. It has been beautiful here in Socal so I took advantage of the pool!

4. Me just lounging around the pool :)

5. I have been walking the dog like crazy. Hoping it helps once I am in labor and helps with my hip pains. 

6. I was craving funnel cake so I found a place at the Irvine Spectrum that caters to funnel cake! So no more having to wait for the fair or Disneyland lol

7. I woke up early one day and headed to the beach! Toes in the sand I love it!

8. I have been seeing dolphins like crazy at the beach lately. I love how relaxing the beach can be :)

Well thats all for now! Just getting ready for labor that can "technically" start any day now!
Crossing my fingers I wont have to be induced!
Hope you all had a great weekend! :)

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Overthinking Mama said...

Hope labor goes quick and is easy for you!!!

God Bless!