Apr 6, 2011

back labor

Lets see I woke up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain!
Seriously the kind of pain where you just want to rip your skin off.
I have been having back labor for a week now but this tops it off!
It starts in my ribs and goes down to my tailbone. It feels like someone is ripping my back open with a knife.
I dont know what to do to ease it either.
I am still having the pain but right now it is just a dull ache.
But when it gets to the point where I cant tolerate it, I just dont know what to do anymore.
I have my weekly check up tomorrow so I shall talk to my midwife about it.

Anywho yesterday was my brother's 21st birthday!
I can not believe he is finally 21. Where did the time go?
It started out rough but then ended smoothly. Got to hang out with family and have a great dinner.
We went to our favorite mexican restaurant, Don Jose's in Huntington.
Whenever you get my family together it, its usually a great time!

Well today I am 37 weeks, so I shall be posting a 37 week picture!
Right now I am off to move my car for street sweeping and google ways to help with back labor.

Happy Wednesday!


Overthinking Mama said...

Googled it for ya!!
This is what I found... I really hope it helps!!!

God Bless!

-Get up on all fours. This position may reduce the pressure of your baby's head on your spine.
-Do pelvic tilts. These simple exercises also may help to minimize the pressure on your spine.
-Ask your labor coach to rub your lower back between or during contractions, or both — whatever feels best to you.
-Many women find that steady counterpressure on the lower back relieves some of the pain. Ask your labor coach to push on this area with his fists during contractions or massage it with a tennis ball.
-Take a warm bath or shower, or apply warm compresses or a hot-water bottle to your lower back. -Heat may ease the achiness and bring you some comfort. On the other hand, some women find cold packs more soothing or that alternating hot and cold is helpful. You may want to give both a try. Just be sure to use a towel to protect your skin from direct contact with heat or cold.

Nikki @ Life Of A Single Mommy said...

Aww thanks love! :) I will definitely be trying these!

Adriana said...

back labor is the WORST! I hope you are feeling better!