May 17, 2011

dear blog

Dear Blog,

I started you back in 2007 when I was feeling lonely and needed a place to write my feelings about my life. You were so helpful for me and it helped me get over my past and childhood and all the wrongs that have been done in my life. I have forgiven my parents for my childhood and everything I had endured, but then again I thank them for that because then I would not be the woman I am today if it was not for those experiences. Then I wrote about my engagement to my first love and then divorce from him and everything in between. You were always there for me and you always listened. I am so glad I documented that time in my life so I can look back on it and see the good and bad times in my life. Now I am documenting a whole different life from then. It is crazy to see how much my life has changed from then. But I would not change any of it for a second it.

I have gone through enough heart ache for one person to endure in a life time but I am happy and content with my life and wouldnt ask for anything more or less. I have my best friend by myside and my babygirl in my arms and thats all I need. I never thought I would love two people more then I could love anyone else but it has happened. After I saw my best friend when I got out of my c-section all I could was cry. I was crying because I knew he was my soul mate. He was the one I was always supposed to be with. He was the one I have been searching for and seeing him there, my heart grew so much with love for him I cant even put it into words. Then seeing my babygirl for the first time just put me into even more tears. I remember saying how beautiful she was and how I couldnt believe we were parents.

Now here I am blog with followers and people actually interested in my life. It is amazing how this little blog went from my place to write my thoughts and now I have people interested in reading what happens in my life.  I am so blessed to have meet these wonderful people along my blog journey and I love blogging so much! I promise to write more and stop neglecting you. It has been an adjustment getting used to a newborn in the house, but everything is going great! She is 3 weeks and on May 21, 2011 she will one month! And then on May 22, 2011 I will be 24! I still cant believe how fast time is going. I will write more late, off to feed my babygirl! :)

Breastfeeding really pays off! Back to pre-pregnancy weight<3

My babygirl<3


Erin Dawn said...

<3 Beautiful baby girl. Life will get better and better, promise! xx

Nikki @ Life Of A Single Mommy said...

Thank you!! :) And I dont know how life can get any better :)

Overthinking Mama said...

time goes by quick.. i cant believe its a month already!!

you have a beautiful baby girl!! :-)

God Bless!

Lizzy said...

She is just beautiful! I can't get over her hair! It's so thick and dark, I love it. You're looking lovely and I can see the joy just beaming from your face :D