May 19, 2011

"never goodbye...see you soon"

Today my dad leaves on his sailing adventure to New Zealand with the pacific puddle jump. I am so proud of him for doing what he loves and finally sailing somewhere he actually wants to go and be. We have family in New Zealand so once he is there he will have people he knows and everything. It is just really hard for me cause I am so close to my dad and he has always been there. Now I am a mother and I want him to be there for everything that my daughter will do so he can see her and now he wont be. But I know this is what he has always wanted to do and he is actually doing it and I am so proud of him for that. He really has changed his life around since when I was a kid, even since when I was a teenager. 

The tears keep rolling down my face and it is just really hard for me to come to copes that he will be gone for a few years. I have really good feeling that he will make it to New Zealand and everything will be just fine, he has a great boat, has a great friend he is sailing with and great equipment in the case of an accident. I just cant watch deadliest catch or any fishing/sailing shows for a little while or I will cry my eyes out. It is going to be hard not being able to call him up and see him whenever I would like. We all took it for granted and I will try not to do that again with anyone else in my life. 

Daddy I love you very much and I am so proud of you! Take care of yourself out there and I cant wait to hear from you once you get to your first destination! I will be praying for you constantly and you will always be in my thoughts. Your my best friend and you always will be. 

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