Sep 4, 2008


so from my last post you could see i was kinda upset but i get that way when i think of my parents and everything that has happend. But I wanted to write because I am so happy at this point in my life. I have a wonderful husband who respects me and loves me for me! We have a puppy that I have always wanted that is my whole world! No wonder people fall in love with pets there just like your own kids! We own our house and everything is just going great for us! We have been married for 3 months on September 9th & 28th haha. I wouldnt change my life for anything, I just wish it could always be this way. It is just soo easy for us to get along and not fight about little things and get over the small stuff! Everything in my life is just going right for once! And on top of it I have a really good serving job I enjoy and enjoy the people I work with.

Thats all for now! Keep in touch later....


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