Nov 14, 2008

am i invisible?

so the headline kinda explains how i feel. why is it soo hard to ask my husband to hang out with me and my friends for a lil without him worrying about getting to his friends and drinking? we never hang out with my friends and once we do he hurrys me up so we can go with his friends. does that sound fair to you? if he ever reads this he will be shaking his head no and rolling his eyes because he thinks im overdramatic... but at this point i dont fuckin care., i dont care about his needs or what he wants to do. I have cared about it for way too long and gotten shit in the end. yea when he feels bad he buys me gifts and expects the problems to go away but reality check they fuckin dont!!!!! why is it soo hard to get the guys in my life to care about me and just want to be with me?? am i that bad of a person to be around? am i needy? i was thought of myself as one of the guys easy to talk to and hangout with... but i guess thats not the case. im not asking my husband for every second of every day but yes when i want to do something with him and my friends is it that hard to ask him to put on a happy face and just be nice for that time being?? i mean we hang out with his friends alll the time considering his best friend is our fuckin neighbor!! dont get me wrong i like his friends but its so reapetive and i want to actually leave my house and do something!!!!! uggghh maybe i am overreacting but i know pleanty of girls that would agree with me.... but once again i am overdramatic wife so only god knows.....

I think thats a enough bitching for one night....

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