Dec 7, 2008


i am so frusturated! it has been 6 months since my wedding and I still dont have my pictures! My cousins took them for me but I told them I need them before Christmas because I wanted to do cute frames for our families and now they are saying they wont be ready becaue they have been so busy but thats bullshit because they are on myspace so much and going to show and shit! Its just so frusturating and I am fuckin pissed, last time I let a family member do something for me becuase you get screwed over in the end. I bet if it was one of there friends they would have been done months ago but they just dont freakin care about me or my feelings.

Then there is my parents. They still dont call me or anything! This thanksgiving was my first as an adult and as married and did any of my parents call me to see how everything was going or anything?? NOPE!! So I am so fuckin over my parents being in my life, both of them not just my dad this time! My mom only cares about the twins she doesnt care about my brother or sister or I. She is so fucked up! And my dad oh man dont even get me fuckin started on him, he is a deadbeat fucked up person. I cant stand him at this point. He only cares about himself and drugs and I am so fuckin sick with excuses no more. I dont want him or my mom in my life anymore. They will never see my kids when I have them or anything! My kids will know my family and my husbands including his parents but not mine!


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JoAnn said...

I didn't call you so that you and Travis would have a lot of quality time this past Thanksgiving, it being your first and all as a married woman.

I love you