Dec 11, 2008

cant do this....

i cant do this deployment, i just cant handle it. It is so different this time. It is our house and our bed and I just cant come back to it when he is gone. I cant stop crying... what if something happens to him?? god forbid it but what if what if he never comes back to me? I know i shouldnt think like that but when you are a military wife you have no choice. I CANT DO THIS!!! and i feel like i have no one to vent to or cry to. I just feel like a sappy person and I am stronger than this but I cant do this. I dont want to be a widow yet I am to young for this! Why does my husband have to go to war?? Why cant he just stay home with me and our puppy whos like our baby.... March is coming way too soon!!!!!!!

Crying myself to sleep tonight


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