Nov 14, 2008

give up?

i never believe on giving up but sometimes i just dont know what to do. it feels like nothing i do is good enough or when i try to help us and our money, budget us it turns out to blow up in my face. I try to make everything work in my marriage but i cant do it all by not saying he doesnt do anything but when he wants something he wants its asap. i mean i can be the same way but i know when we cant afford it. i just want to scream sometimes. our marriage is good but sometimes we disagree and it never gets resolved and i cant live like that. he might be able to be okay with never resolving anything and just moving on but i dont work like that and i try to explain to him but he doesnt understand. i love him to death and things always look like there going to get better but it just goes back to the same thing. how do i help change our communication or get him to communicate??

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