Mar 6, 2009

natural meds

so i stumbled across this natural medicine that is supposed to help with my IC! I am very nervous to try it but i want to try it because what if it helps me like it has helped everyone else? i just dont want to get my hopes up high and then it dont work. it is number one right in the IC world so it has to be good. It takes a few weeks to start seeing results but if in the long run it helps me then i can wait those few weeks for it to kick in. I just cant live like this anymore! the pain is getting worse and i feel like now my flares are happening for no reason. there is no cure so its pointless to go through the doctors because they have no idea what causes it or anything so they are no help to me. i am just so glad i am not alone. i think i am going to join a support group so i can talk to other women/men about my problems and not feel so alone. i just dont get why this all happened to me? why did god choose me for this? i wish i could get answers but i never will until i met god face to face one day. for now i have to deal with this and learn to live with this.


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JoAnn said...

Please start on the natural meds and I did some research on your condition (IC) and it does not normally run in families. My mom had lots of bladder infections but I believe Aunt Angela had some problems as well. Find out more directly from her and know that this just happens and remain positive about your life. I love you!!