Mar 8, 2009

night of hell!

so last night it all started at 330pm and lasted till 445am. I was in sooo much pain from my IC and I cried all night! I didnt know what to do with myself nothing was workng and I couldnt stop the pain if my life depended on it! my best friend encouraged me to go to the ER but i just coudnt deal with the pain to drive or wait for a doctor to tell me i am broken lol. so i went this morning when i could still feel the symptoms so i raced over there with the hubby before it got worse like last night. come to find out i had bacteria in my urine and blood so you can only imagine what pain i was going through. then i got a refferal to go to a urologist so they can finally dignosis me with what i think i have IC. so hopefully i wont get this bad ever again.


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