Apr 26, 2009

scared day by day

so i am scared, i have been scared in my life before but this is different. my husband is going overseas to fight in the war and i am scared. the unit that is over there now has lost 17 guys and where my husband is going no army/marins or military has been there! so he will be at war and fighting for his life. i believe in god and believe he will bring him home and not make me a widow at 22 years old but i just cant stop thinking about it. i know him thinking about his wife and family will pull him through but i am not ready for this at all. it is coming up way to fast and this deployment is going to go by so slow. i just really hope we both have the strength for this, i cant stand him being in danager 24/7 while im here living my life without him! life isnt fair why cant he just stay away from the war! he is excited to go but i am not. god please bring him back to me! i cant and dont want to live my life without him<3


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