May 30, 2009

just dont get it.....

im so confused, i thought i had some great friends but little by little has i moved away my friends and i arent as close. i understand everyone has there lives i get it, cuz i can get busy too but when im still busy i still txt just to stay in contact and see there doing but i just get one word answers and when something kinda big happens with my bff i dont hear it from her but let alone myspace! i understand she has a kid and everything but still i would just have thought if we were as close and everything then it would be different. we went a whole month with out speaking because i didnt txt her first. she rarely texts me first or anything and it hurts because i dont know why this always happens to me. am i like the worst person ever? am i a needy friend? what the hell is it? i just dont get it and it just hurts because i used to be able to tell her anything and now i feel like i cant even tell her anything. it sucks! i miss her like crazy and i just want our friendship back. oh well i guess everything happens for a reason. maybe i am not a good friend and dont deserve good friends. oh well im just gonna worry about my life and the people that want to be in it will always be there.

<3 NMK

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