Oct 23, 2009

Sick as a dog!

I dont know why people use that expression for being sick but I just did. I am so sick and have been sick since Sunday night! I am so over it and it doesnt feel like it is getting any better. I think I have the swine flu but did you know DR's dont test you for it, and your not supposed to go to th DR's if you do have it! So how in the world are you supposed to know you have it?! Sometimes this world makes no sense and they wonder why so many people have H1N1! Ugghh the way they run this world just amazes me. Well a very qualified nurse I trust, told me the symptoms and yep I have all the symptoms of the swine flu. But I will never know for sure if I have it or not. And on top of the flu I have a bladder infection, which doesnt feel too good either. I just want to feel better all ready and the only thing making me feel a little bit better is tylenol, but can you OD on tylenol? haha Well to keep my spirits up I am watching Jeff Dunham and he is freakin hilarious! I want to see him and Dane Cook live. Well I am off to eat more soup and saltines! Ughh


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