Nov 7, 2009

To ALL the crapper and rude tippers out there!

I just dont understand how there can be so many rude and 10% tippers out there in this world. I understand the economy is really horrible right now but if you cant afford to tip STAY HOME! In the state of North Carolina and surrounding states, the minimum wage for servers is $2.13/hr! So basically us servers in the "south" depend on your tips as our income. I totally agree if they did not do a 110% only leave the minimum but when you tell them they are such a great server and would love to have you wait on them again and then go leaves $2.00 on a $40.00 check there is something wrong! We work our asses off to make sure you are satisfied and then when we get the check back with not even a 10% tip it just irritates us because we replay the whole thing back in our heads and cant figure out where WE went wrong when most of the time its not the server its the guests. I am not saying everyone does this and please remember we remember faces very well and if we get sat with someone we know wont tip us at all but ask for a million things we will deny to wait on that table. Just remember when you are out to eat that the ladies and gentlemen that wait on you do have children and lives to take care of and in this economy the only steady jobs out there are serving. A lot of women I work with have teaching degrees or associates degrees but just cant find any work.

Thank you for your time!


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