Nov 19, 2009

Walking away

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I guess walking away was easier then I thought it was going to be. It still sucks and hurts that this chapter of my life is over because I thought it was forever but I have come to realize people change and people grow apart. Travis and I didn't see eye to eye on anything anymore and we have different dreams and goals in life. It hurts and sucks in so many way but I know in the long run its the best thing I could do for myself.

I hope one day he sees why and how this happened and not blame everything on me cause it takes two people for a relationship. I will not talk bad about him cause he is a good guy and will make someone really happy one day like he did for me when we were first together. I do not regret anything I have done because everything happens for a reason and life goes on and I can't regret everything I do in life. And making myself happy I should never regret that. I think I have come out a stronger wiser person because all of this.

<3 NMS

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