Dec 31, 2009

New Year New Beginning

So in a few hours it will be the new year! I am going to make 2010 my year. I have y good friend Keith flying down here in 24 days to drive back to Cali with me. I really dont know how I got so lucky to have such great people in my life. When I thought my world was over and I couldnt move on with my life, my friends and family gave me the strength to move on. Now in this next year 2010, and I am going to fulfill my ME list! Everything I want to accomplish and everything I want to do for myself!

Me List 2010:
Go to Vegas at least once
Visit my sister & niece in Alaska
Go back to school and get my AA
Pursue my photography dreams
Pursue modeling
Start a savings account
Learn how to cook
Get self confidence back
Read more books
Go on a cruise
Go parasailing
No relationships for the whole year
Figure out what makes me happy
Get my career started
Stop looking for love
Start trusting again
Put the past in the past and leave it there
Stop comparing people to people in my past
Be open minded
Self Control

Thats a long enough list for the whole year! Wish me luck and I will keep this updated with everything I have done! =]


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