Jan 18, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Well I have been busy getting everything together to go back home. I have made a few adjustments and I decided to stay in Teaxas with my mommy becuase it would be the best bet for me right now. I would love to be in California with all my friends and family but I have to do what is right for me. I need to go back to school get my degree and get my life back on track. And I think living in Texas is going to do that for me. Plus I have always wanted to live in the "country" and living in North Carolina has opened my eyes to a whole new world, beyond California. And I really like not living in California and living in new areas. I have always wanted a house with horses and land, so maybe that will happen for me in Texas. First thing on my agenda (once i get situated) is to go horse back riding! I havent been in years and I am dieing to go! Plus maybe its time to move on with my life start something new and fresh and see where life takes me. Hopefully Texas has more to offer then California.

Another note this divorce is taking a toll on me. I thought we were going to be civil but I guess that is out the window. I have been trying for so long but I am just fed up. I keep getting treated like crap and I am just so over it. I guess 5 years of being together meant nothing because how could you treat someone you care(d)about like this?! Guys are soo confusing sometimes and thats why I am anti males right now! I know the "right" guy is out there but I aint looking for him ANYTIME soon! haha


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glenniepoo said...

so i wrote this really thought out analyzation about how wonderful of a person you are and how i feel your just afraid to move on and caught up between whether to leave everyone else behind or just keep doing what you do... but this stupid blog site made me sign up for it first... i love you sweetie and just want to make sure you don't lose who you are and what you're about! you're a wonderful person...