Jan 23, 2010

Tomorrow is the day....

I leave for Texas tomorrow. The day has finally come and I am so super excited! I am actually sad to leave my friends that I have here but I am ready to start a new chapter in my life. I am excited to see what Texas has to offer me and start my life there. I cant wait to make friends and get a job and go back to college. I am so grateful I have this chance to start new and I get to spend more time with my mom and the twins. My mom is one of my best friends now and I am so grateful to have her in my life. Everything she does for me I know is because she loves me. And everything she has done in the past she did because she loves me. I am kinda nervous to drive 22 hours alone well besides my doggie but I know I will be okay. I have like 5 people on speed dial that would drop everything to come and get me if anything happened.

So one of my things on my ME list is to leave the past in the past but I am figuring out that is alot harder then I thought. I know we meet people for a reason and there are some that are just suppposed to make an apperance and others that are meant to be around forever. But what if the ones you want around forever are the ones that make an apperance. I just need to learn how to let go of people, especially the ones that did me wrong, and move forward. But I am that type of person to always think "what if" or "why not me?" I really need to learn to stop and just take it for what it is. I can over anyalze things A LOT, I am guilty as charged but still it just sucks. Its hard for me to let go of people or situations that have done me wrong, and I couldnt tell you why. I just wish I could forget about those people and not let it affect me later down the road. Does anybody know of a way for me to get past things like that? Is there a reason I am holding on to the hurt?


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