Apr 11, 2010

ALL Natural!

Okay so I am going the Natural way once again to help with my bodies problems. I just got back from the vitamin store and loaded up on Natural things that will help me when my body goes into a flare. I got parsley tea which helps with inflammation, fish oil pills because that also helps with inflammation (which is my biggest problem), Siberian ginseng which helps with stress, and chaste berry (vitex) which helps balance my hormones. The only problem is I asked the girl at the store if magnesium stearate is bad for you because that is in the Chaste and she said not that she knew of. Well I 'googled' it and it is a very bad toxin for your body! So I need to go exchange that one out for a better form of it. I am doing this experiment, not putting anything in my body unless I know what is in it. SO if I read the label and I have no idea what the ingredients are I am not going to put it in my body. I know the vitamins wont start working right away but if this help me in the long term then I am okay with that. I just have to remember even on my 'good' days why I am taking the vitamins and not to stop for any reason. I will keep everyone updated and see how my body reacts to these vitamins. Also I am picking up yoga and meditation again for a stress reliever. Stress can be one of my biggest triggers so I need to keep that under control. Please keep me in your prayers.



Damien said...

Where did you read that magnesium sterate was bad for you? I read it is common in candy and baby formula.

Miss Nikki said...

I read it on this site. And multiple other sites as well.


See I don't eat candy so I wouldn't know and thats kinda scary its in baby formula if what they are saying is true and it is really bad for you.

Damien said...

Always consider the source. Try not to take information from a source that is also trying to sell you something at the same time. They have a vested interest in selling you something that doesn't contain what they are claiming is bad. And even on that page you linked it didn't really say it was bad, it just said that it can hinder absorption.

Even with this in mind the manufactures may have compensated their formulation to account for the decreased efficiency.

One thing I thought was interesting was this quote:
"Up to 5% of the average 1000 mg capsule or tablet is magnesium stearate. That’s 50 milligrams. Suppose you take 8 capsules or tablets a day. That’s 250 a month – or 12,500 mg of this hydrogenated oil, nearly half an ounce. That works out to about 6 ounces of hydrogenated oils a year, from just 8 pills a day."

Yet Wikipedia (with a reference) says that if you weigh 100 pounds you could safely eat as much as they claim you eat in a month, in a day.

Be careful of these all natural health sites, especially if they are selling products. A lot of it is just snake oil.

Miss Nikki said...

Yea I found the quote interesting too. But Wikipedia isn't that great either because people can go in and change things on there also. So is it bad for you? I just don't want to take any toxins that are going to make it worse on my body.....

Damien said...

Well there is a saying that goes "The only difference between medicine and poison is the dose".

In the amounts you're consuming, I'm sure it's not bad for you. I think you would be hard pressed to eat enough for it to have toxic effects.

What you said about wikipedia is true but it also has cites it's sources whereas anyone can make a webpage and say anything they want without any peer review.

I agree that wikipedia isn't the end all be all of info but I would take their word over someone trying to sell me something.