Apr 5, 2010

California Love

So this past weekend I headed off to California for a friends wedding. It was great because I got to see family and friends that I havent seen since August! I couldnt believe it had been that long. The minute I was landing at Long Beach I knew this is where I wanted to spend the rest of my life; California. I have explored different states and they are great states, just not for me anymore. Cali is where I was born and raised and nothing will ever compare. So my friends wedding turned out great! It was blast and she looked beautiful! It was a bit awkward for my boyfriend because his ex-fling was there ( we sat right in front of her, oops lol), his ex-girlfriends best friends were there too. Poor guy, but he was a trooper and we had such a great time. I literally didnt want to come back to Texas but then again I did. I love spending time with my little brother, sister, mom and George. And I hate that I am leaving but I just need to follow my heart and that is in California. I actually feel like I have a passion in life and that is photography, tattoos, and teaching. I love all three and they all make me feel like nothing in this world can bring me down! Its a high on life I have never felt before and I am so glad God is letting me experience it now. It is an amazing feeling! And it doesnt hurt that I have an amazing man in my life to top it off. I feel like I have direction and know where my life is finally going. I look at life in a new way, a way I have never in the past. It is very refreshing and comforting at the same time. I feel like I am finally marching to the own beat of my drum. And if some doesnt like it then they dont have to be in my life. Which would be a shame because I am a kind loud fun loving person with a good heart!


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