May 18, 2010

Gay Pride

So a lot of my friends went to gay pride in long beach, ca over the weekend. I am so happy to see all the pictures because I always hear how much fun gay pride is. I want to go one year! =] Well anywho I was thinking a lot about gay's and how much crap they have to go through on a daily basis. Getting weird looks, and people staring. I know its probably not as bad as I am thinking in my head but I have a lot of respect for gays. Plus I have about 3 or more friends that are gay and they are the greatest people ever! I've always thought about how it would to be with another women. I wonder if it would be that different from being with a male? Since women know how you think and feel and everything wouldnt it make for a better relationship? Is it normal I am even thinking this way? I had a dream the other night that I told my family I was Bi-sexual and they all cried and fainted. haha I know my family wouldnt react that way but I dont know how I would ever tell them if I was ever Bi haha. These are all what-if's just got me thinking a lot about it lately. Gay's have it pretty hard sometimes, and I swear some of the most gorgeous women and men are gay! What are the odds? haha


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Damien said...

Do you think, if you wanted to, that you could choose to be bi-sexual?