May 13, 2010


So I have come to a realization that NOTHING is forever. Not even life! So why would I expect a relationship to last forever? Well I don't anymore. Yes the boy I was talking about before of course got scared and backed out on me on everything when everything was his idea! Ugh I am sooo over relationships! I am almost 23 and I dont need to be tied down anymore! I have been reading a good book; Love.Eat.Pray and it is almost what I have been going through. I have been married and divorced, been in relationships my whole adult life! I dont need to be with anyone to make me feel whole or make me feel wanted. I am a very beautiful, talented, funny, kinda hearted woman that is VERY independent. Yea it is nice being with someone who respects you but all the drama that comes along with it, no thanks! I am going to just start living life my way and the way I wanna do it. If I find someone who can keep my attention longer then 2 seconds then I might take a second look but other than that I am out to be me and only me. I am starting to take care of my number 1 which is me! If love finds me then so be it but I am done looking for it, or wanting it.

I feel so refreshed and like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I am still moving back to California in 8 months but to live on my own and make a life for me. Go back to school, and work through my twenty's and enjoy every second of it. Go out and enjoy being young because it only happens once! =]


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