Jul 4, 2011


I am so sick of being the bigger person. letting shit roll off my back, laughing at jokes that bring myself down! If you are in my life JUST for my daughter then fuckin have the balls to tell me and dont TRY to act nice to me because I can see through it. I am sick of people being so effin disrespectful to me and everyone defending them saying thats who they are! FUCK that, because if that was the case then I would be a mean BITCH 24/7 and tell everyone to fuckin deal with it because that is who I am.But I have respect for people and their lives and their feelings but I know a handful of people that CAN NOT and WILL NOT be happy for other people when good things happen to them and just constantly bring them down.

No matter what I do with some people, I can never be on their good side or be friends with them. Whenever I think I am friends with that person and we are getting closer they turn around and is so compeletly rude to me I just want to tell them off but they are soooo consumed with their life and NOTHING else it would fuckin matter.

SO here I am saying, if I am a BITCH to you or dont give a fuck what you are going through this is why! I used to care but no one really takes my feelings or thoughts into consideration so why should I?

Happy 4th!

Jun 16, 2011


WOW it has been like 486543596831 million years since I blogged! I have missed blogging and I have so much to update you all on. 

I am doing another semester of school this fall. I got approved for the full amount of the pell grant and free daycare through the state of California. I am super duper excited about that and can not wait for the fall semester now. I am doing nursing and business degree. 

Baby girl is 2 months old and is growing like a weed. She is going through diapers like they grow on trees. I am looking into cloth diapering and getting pretty excited for that as well. She still has all of her hair and is just getting more of it! :) She is starting to get blonde roots which makes me laugh she is hopfully finally going to look like her mama! 

I FINALLY got  a hobby and that is Couponing/THRIFTY! I am super excited to start this and have been researching and getting coupon stack in order. I will post pictures and everything once I start doing it and getting my stash full. I am not going to be so extreme like the TLC tv show but I do want free stuff like they have. And I do want to stock up on items we need so we arent constantly buying them or running out of them :)

Jason and I are doing great! We have taken on the mommy and daddy roll so wonderfully and I wouldnt change anything! We are happy healthy and so in love with each other and our little family that we have. We are paying off all our debts and getting financially ready to buy a place here in SoCal. I am so ready for this chapter of my life and I have embraced it fully. Some people say we are "rushing" it but we have been friends for 10 years, together for 8 months and raising a 2 month old child. I say to them that we are now figuring it out :) 

Well I better go back to printing out coupons and figuring out my shopping list!